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Hustle Your Bustle Fave Trend: Bedazzled Wedding Shoes

Mar 05, 2012 (3 years ago)

We've been seeing a lot of wedding shoes on the blogs and pinterest lately with jewels, sequins, rhinestones, etc.  Some of these kicks are more subtle, while some are seriously bedazzled.  We're loving the aesthetic of all of them, but are some just too much to actually wear?  We're not certain yet.  We'd have to see a bride give a go at pulling off some of these with the right dress before we can make a verdict.  In any event, enjoy the pics of these yummy wedding shoes!


DIY Wedding Shoes

Jan 11, 2012 (4 years ago)

Glittered, color-blocked, and jeweled shoes are a few trends that have been all the rage lately, and we're HUGE fans.  They're such an easy way to make any outfit look fashion-forward... or to make a bridal or bridesmaid look more interesting.  But... we are NOT huge fans of the prices usually associated with these beauties.  Luckily, we've found some ways you can beat the system by making your own dazzling kicks.  Check out the brand name versions below, and then the do-it-yourself versions with links on how to make your own.  

Glittered Heels

This Kate Spade pair is stunning, but aren't messing around with their $325 price tag. 

The ever creative Elsie at A Beautiful Mess blog figured out how to make your own pair for much cheaper.  Check out the photo below, and her tips here:  How To Make Glitter Shoes.  A savvy commenter also suggested adding a binding agent over the glitter to make sure it stays put.  Photo by Elsie.


Color Blocked Shoes
The color-blocking trend has migrated from clothing to shoes, and we love it.  Check out these lovely flats from Jimmy Choo, and their not-so-lovely price of $375.  

Now, take a look at these chic booties, also from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess.  To do it yourself, see her tips here:  How to Make Color-blocked Shoes  We could envision using the same technique to create jewel-toned heels for fancier looks.  Photo by Elsie.


Jeweled Shoes
These Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Platform Pumps are to die for at (a mind-blowing) $1,195.  

A creative Tennessee bride made a pair of her own jeweled shoes, pictured below.  You can see more of her wedding here on The Bride's Cafe and find tips on how to apply jewels to your own shoes using e6000 glue, a jewel setter, and the jewels of your choice in this video.  Photo by Glass Jar Photography.


What do you think - are you going to bedazzle some shoes this season??

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