What You Can Sell on Hustle Your Bustle

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What can you sell as an individual or a vendor?
  On HYB, you can sell any wedding gown that has a listing price of above $750, whether it is new, sample, pre-loved, or created by an independent designer.   

You can also sell any gown that is vintage (35+ yrs).

What can you sell as an indie designer?
 If you are an indie designer, you can list any wedding gown that you designed yourself, regardless of listing price.

How does HYB ensure the gowns meet these guidelines?

It is important to us that gowns meet these guideines to ensure that HYB shoppers find the quality gowns they seek.  To ensure these guidelines are met:
  •  Our listing fields are designed to ensure the wedding dresses fit these guidelines.
  •  We review the listings to make sure these guidelines are met.
  •  If a piece does not fit the criteria, we may remove it.

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